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No-Till Sunup Videos

No-Till Sunup Videos

No-Till Soil After Rain (5-23-2015)

Jason Warren comparing no-till versus conventional till.

Soil Moisture Differences in No-Till Crops (10-15-2010)

SUNUP's Austin Moore talks with OSU soil and water conservation specialist Jason Warren about the differences in soil moisture between no-till and conventional tillage crops. (10-15-2010)

Weed Control in No-Till (3-5-2010)

SUNUPs Kathy Shelton talks with weed Extension specialist, Joe Armstrong about the most effective products and methods for controlling weeds in no-till production systems.

No-Till Wheat Production - Part 2 (2-12-2010)
SUNUPs Austin Moore talks with small grains specialist Jeff Edwards about the keys to effectively planting no-till wheat and how to combat pests.

Crop Rotation with No-Till Production (2-5-2010)

SUNUPs Kathy Shelton visits with a Garfield county producer and an OSU expert about how crop rotation can enhance the benefits of no-till production practices.

Preparing the Planter for No-Till Planting (1-28-2010)

SUNUPs Clinton Griffiths talks with OSU agricultural engineer Randy Taylor about the best ways to set up planters for no-till production.

No-Till = Better Soil Quality (1-22-2010)

SUNUPs Kathy Shelton talks with OSU Extension soil scientist, Jason Warren about how no-till farming can improve soil quality, structure, and overall environmental quality.

Why Try No-Till (1-22-2010)

SUNUP begins a multi-week series on no-till farming, and today talks with a Garfield county producer about the yield and environmental benefits of no-till farming.

Fertilizer Interactions with Soil Organisms (10-23-2009)
SUNUP's Kathy Shelton learns about the complex society of organisms present in our soil and how fertilizers can affect their delicate ecosystem.

Techniques for Planting No-Till Sunflowers (9-11-2009)

SUNUP visits a sunflower research trial in Goodwell and talks with Randy Taylor about the best techniques for effectively planting no-till sunflowers.