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2016 No-till Oklahoma Conference

2016 No-till Oklahoma Conference

Advancement of Prescriptive Ag and Big Data, John Fulton

Economics of Big Data and Technology, Terry Griffin


Growing wheat on a budget

Managing Fertility on a Budget, Brian Arnall

Managing Weeds on a Budget, Angela Post

Managing Disease on a Budget, Bob Hunger

Managing Insects on a Budget, Tom Royer


Cropping systems

Crop Rotation Economics, Rodney Jones

Agronomic Benefits of Crop Rotation, Josh Lofton

Oklahoma Weather Pattern Shifts and Crop Impact, Al Sutherland


Cropland Grazing Systems

Rotational Grazing Pros, Cons and Forage Quality Implications, Alex Rocetelli


Weed Management

New Application Equipment Technologies and Nozzle Selection, Angela Post

Cover Crops and Weed Management, Kevin Bradley


Pest Management

Sugar Cane Aphid in Sorghum, Tom Royer

Beneficial Insects in No-Till, Kris Giles

Wheat Disease Management, Bob Hunger


Soil Fertility and Management

Soil Health Assessment and Testing, Hailin Zhang

N-Rich Strips, How and When to Use Them, Brain Arnall