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2014 Presentations

2014 Presentations

Soil Health, Ray Archuleta

Testing to assess Soil Health, Dr. Rick Haney


Managing Cover Crops

New RMA Rules for Cover Crops, Dr. Phil Hamilton

NRCS Soil Health Initiative – Using Cover Crops to Promote Soil Health, Caleb Stone

Cover Crop Water Use, Paul Delaune

Experience From the Field, Alan Mindeman


Weed Management

No-till and No Rotation: No Worries?, Angela Post

Resistant Weeds: What you Should Know and Why you Should Care, Todd Baughman


Canola Round Table Discussion

Getting a Good Stand and Keeping It, Rotation and Residue Considerations, Josh Bushong

Starter Fertilizer Effects on Canola Stand Establishment and Persistence, Brian Arnall


Producer Panel - Clint Wilcox, Jimmy Kinder, Marty Williams


Breakout Sessions:


Cropping Systems

Grain Sorghum Yield Potential in Rotations, Rick Kochenower

Using On Farm Data, Randy Taylor

Economic Issues Associated with No-till, Francis Epplin

Drought Traits in Corn, Rob Aiken


Pest Management

Arthropod Management in Conservation Systems, Tom Royer

Rotational Considerations for Diseases in Canola, John Damicone

Rotational Considerations for Disease in Wheat, Bob Hunger


Breakout Sessions:


Soil and Water Management

pH Management Using Gypsum and Lime, Chad Penn

Irrigation Scheduling Technologies, Saleh Taghvaeian

BioChar as a Soil Amendment, Hailin Zhang


Sponsor Session and Discussion of On-Farm Demonstrations

Developing Cover Crop Mixes for Your Field (Sponsor), Keith Berns

NRCS Soil Health Initiative – Promoting Soil health through On-Farm Demonstrations (Sponsor), Caleb Stone

Can we develop an On-Farm Demonstration Program?, Jason Warren

Intensive Wheat Management, Phil Needham

Intensive Wheat Management in OK, Jeff Edwards