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2013 No-Till Conference

2013 No-Till Conference

February 19, 2013

Farming in Nature's Image, Gail Fuller

Nutrient Mining, Soil testing and Plant Nutrient Cycling, Ray Ward

Soil Changes During 7 years of Conventional and No Tillage Management of Crops Integrated with Livestock, (Jason Warren), Alan Franzluebbers

Resistant weed management (Jason Warren)

Resistant Weeds and Their Management in SW OK, Shane Osborne

Resistant Weeds and their Management in Northern OK, Kim Metcalf

Are There Weed Seeds in Poultry Litter, Josh Payne


Break (Poster Session)

Long-term Tillage Effects on Soil Physical Properties in the North Carolina Piedmont, A.D, Meijer

Yield for Injected and Banded Nitrogen Fertilization for No-tillage Winter Wheat, Mark S. Reiter

Long-term Agro-Ecosystem Research for the Southern Great Plains, J.L. Steiner


Breakout Sessions

Soil moisture - Hailin Zhang

Mesonet, Plant Available Water, Tyson Ochnser

No-till Soil Moisture Dynamics, Andres Patrignani

Long-term Weather Outlook, Gary McManus

Economic Impact of Drought, Dave Shideler


Sorghum Production - Randy Taylor

Update on Sorghum checkoff Research Projects, Justin Weinheimer

Enhanced Nitrogen Management of Grain Sorghum, Brian Arnall

Water use Efficiency of Irrigated Grain Sorghum, Rick Kochenower


SCASC - Jason Warren

Cotton Population and Yield Following Rye and Crimson Clover Termination with Roller/Crimper and Herbicides in an Alabama No-till System, Ted Kornecki

Measuring Erosion in Long-term Tillage Plots Using Ground-based Lidar, A. Meijer

Nitrogen Rates for Biomass Sorghum Production Across Tillage Systems, Kipling Balkcom


CIG Advisory Council meeting

February 20, 2013

Fertilizers - Jason Warren

Fall Applications of Fertilizer, Brian Arnall

Reactions of Fertilizer, Hailin Zhang

How to Decipher if a Product is Really as Good as it Claims it is, Chad Godsey


Soil and Residue Management #1 - Brian Arnall

Vertical tillage vs No-till in Kansas, DeAnn Presley

Residue Management in a Mature Dryland System, Jay Franklin

No-Till, Reduced Till, Strip Till and Trying to Grow Crops in the Oklahoma Panhandle, Bob Dietrick


Breakout Sessions

Soils and Residue Management: Brian Arnall

Assessing Compaction, Greg Scott

Compaction and Grazing, Jason Warren

Stubble Height, Alan Schlegel


Wheat after Wheat: Randy Taylor

Importance of Rotation and Insect Management, Jeff Edwards

Changes in Wheat Foliar Disease and Fungicide Use, Bob Hunger

A Producers Perspective, Jeff Brower


SCASC: Randy Raper

Impact of Soil Aeration on Runoff Characteristics in Dual Purpose No-till Wheat Systems, Paul DeLaune

Conservation Systems in the Southeast, Kipling Balkcom

Evaluation of Strip Till Systems for Burley Tobacco, Paul Denton