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2009 No-Till Conference Presentations

2009 No-Till Conference Presentations

FEBRUARY 9, 2009

General Sessions:
Results from 2007 Tillage Survey, Chad Godsey
What can we expect the next 20 years from no-till, Agustin Bianchini
Fertility Management, Lloyd Murdock
Nitrogen Management, Brian Arnall

Crop Rotations, Eastern Oklahoma
Weed Control, Curtis Thompson
Crop Rotations, Chad Godsey
Producer Comments, Brent Rendel

Crop Rotations, Western Oklahoma
Crop Rotations, Rick Kochenower
Producer Comments, David Eyster
Weed Control, Curtis Thompson

FEBRUARY 10, 2009

Soil Carbon
Role of Carbon in Crop Production, Jason Warren
Carbon Credits, Stacy Hansen
Soil Microbial Changes in No-till, Veronica Martinez

Equipment Considerations
Spraying/sprayers, Rodney Hern
Planting Considerations, Randy Taylor
Producer Comments, Lee Scheufler

Breakout Sessions
Science of Grazing No-till, John Sij
No-till Financial Incentives, Richard Zetterberg
Getting Started in No-till, Lloyd Murdock
Use of Cover Crops, Silvano Abrea/Chad Godsey
Starter Fert. Placement for Row Crops, Brian Arnall
Soil Compaction, Jason Warren
Farm-level Economic Impact of No-till Farming in Western OK, Edward Osei

Closing Session
Partners in Research, Bob Woods/Chad Godsey
Producer Viewpoint on Making No-till Work, Jimmy Kinder